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What are Page-Level-ads in AdSense

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AdSense Page level ads are new-age technology based ads specially designed for mobile internet users.

If you have been trying to use it in your arsenal or want to discover it more then you are at the right place because:

you'll find here:
  • What are Page-level-ads?
  • It's benefits.
  • Comparison between normal ads vs Page-level-ads.
  • Page-level-ads earnings (case study)
  • How to Setup these ads? and test them.
  • My page-level-ads are not working. (solutions)
If you want to know complete about these #Smart-Ads then join me till the end.

So what you get in the package? 

  • Anchor/Overlay ads: These ads are mobile ads that stick to the edge of the screen and are easily dismissible.
  • It is displayed by AdSense when its best part in the game so to increase your revenue and also provide good user experience.
  • It is not count in your regular quota of ads. (So, that you can also use them when you are using maximum ads.)
  • It is only served on high-end mobile devices.

  • Vignette ads: Vignette ads are mobile full-screen ads that appear between page loads on your site and can be skipped at any time.
  • It is also displayed by AdSense at optimal times to help increase your revenue and provide a good user experience.
  • It is displayed when the user leaves a page, rather then when they arrive on one, so the user do not have to wait for them to load.
  • It is limited in number per user to maintain a good user experience.
  • It is also not count as a part of your regular quota of ads.
  • It is also served on high-end mobile devices. 
  • Vignette ads are like interstitial ads in AdMob i.e. you see in apps. It increases your clicks on ads.
  • Very easy to setup, just once you need to do for all pages.
  • With over 40% of mobile internet user from total internet users, its very crucial to set this ads.
  • These ads are not count under your maximum 3 ads policy, so you can add them without any worry.
Comparison between Page-level-ads and normal ads.

I thought this topic could be handle at its best only with an infographic. So, this is for you.
Page-level-ads earnings Case Study.

I was not a member of AdSense for a long time so, showing my report would not contribute to some sort of serious facts.

Henceforth, I searched over some case studies of other bloggers those who were convincing.

And the most insightful case study I got from saumya majumdar .

Earlier when he did an experiment with sticky ads for only one day by taking AdSense permission. (Do not try this at home.)

He was baffled with the results! an increase of 700% in his daily  adsense income. 

Could you think of that?

If you don't know what sticky ads are then they get stick somewhere in your site so that even when visitor scrolls the page they are there same like the anchor/overlay ads.

Because it's obvious that anyone can easily get their attention on it so it gets max clicks and also more view time and in total increase in earnings.
But when he worked out with Page-level-Ads it increased 275% revenue on first day but gradually decreased to 50% mostly because these ads do not function always and works at optimal times to reduce the possibility of any type of bad user experience. 
How to setup Page-Level-ads?

1) log into your adsense account.

2) Go to My Ads > Content > Page-level-ads.

3) Toggle on both anchor/overlay ads and vignette ads.

4)Now get the code.

5)Head over to Blogger >Theme >Edit Html.

6)Click anywhere in the code and press CTRL+F.

7)In the search box search for </head> and above </head> place your code.

8)And in that AdSense change async to async='' or otherwise you will see this error message from blogger.

Error parsing XML, line 1476, column 15: Attribute name "async" associated with an element type "script" must be followed by the ' = ' character.

Now it's time to test them -> Open your mobile device and type And select the type of ad that you want to test.

Page-level-ads are not working?

This is the worst you can expect to happen.

But don't worry, this may be happening because:

1) You are not using supported browser to view ads.

For Android: Default Android browser, Google Chrome, Opera are supported while Firefox and Opera Mini not supported.

For IOS: Google Chrome, Safari are supported while Opera Mini is also not supported here.

For Windows: Not supported on any browser.

2) Your device is not compatible.

For Android: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich and higher.

For IOS: IOS5 and higher.

For Windows: Sorry! get an Android or IOS Device.

3) The device is not in portrait mode. (Only shown in portrait mode.)

4) Your browser's current zoom is not in neutral.

5)You can get error message in your browser like this:

Page-level ad format disabled in AdSense Front End.
To fix this issue see if you have toggle on both the ad formats in step 3. 

If its still prevailing then watch out if you are watching the ads on your web version of your site in your mobile device. If yes then get to the mobile version.

And if you have still bad luck then clear the cache from mobile browser or from the server side.

I think you can clear the cache from your mobile browser but for server side you need to watch out on your own.

Over to you:

Putting Ads from AdSense is always beneficial.

And Page-level-ads for monetizing mobile traffic is great.

So, let me know what your concerns and experience on this topic below. 

And also if you have any issues with this, comment me below. I will fix it with all that I can!

Friday, 10 November 2017

Ultimate List of top level Do follow Page Rank Web directories

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(In this article you will find out what is web directories and  how you can build high quality do follow backlinks and also a great list of directories.)

Well, you have a great idea, great topic and epic content, now you put them all together in your blog and think that there is no chance other than thousands of people reading it!


I think this was the same mindset I had and all those who are early birds.

Monday, 16 October 2017

The Complete Guide To Recover Accidentally Deleted Post in Blogger (Draft)

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(In this article you are going to find the solution of one of the most annoying and terrifying problem (if you don't know the solution) that you can ever face i.e. accidentally or sometimes automatically deleted blogger post.)

Looking down at the efforts of a writer it never seems that it might have been a roaring struggle for him to put down a piece of content by the readers perspective.

But if you are on the writer's place you can actually feel the heavy weight of some of the efforts that he boils down to create a masterpiece of content.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

How to Delete a Blog on Blogger

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( This is a quick guide, once again in Blogger tutorial series to delete your Blogger blog.

I think we may meet below in less than 2-min because this is a short guide on how to delete a Blogger blog and it also discusses the consequences and frequently asked questions in deleting the blog in Blogger. )

It's a tough decision to delete a Blog that you have built with a lot of efforts but it is a smart decision or rather a good one if it's not rolling out that results as you expected and there's not much of your energy left to push it up.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

How to change the Blogger post URL

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( This article below is specially for changing the URL (permalink) of the published post without loosing any rankings.)

In that crackling amount of time you however managed to complete your article and hit it publish.

Then you check your stats and find that there's not enough people visiting your site that you expected from your hard laboured article. 

And Now you decide to get some SEO checkup and Social Media shares to get the heck out of crowd to visit your site.

Monday, 14 August 2017

How to set Custom URL Redirections in blogger

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If you are a blogger or involved in something similar like a job (you would probably be, that's why you are here) then you would find yourself in situations where you get error pages or 404 page not found or need some temporary solution for maintenance pages.

Then the best thing you can do is re-direct the URL that is sending visitors, who visited a 'URL A' to another desired 'URL B'.

The usual technical approach of redirecting a URL is absolutely very technical and it is beyond the normal understanding of a not so technical people.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

How to create a Static Homepae in Blogger

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Well, it's not that tough as you may think to create a  static homepage, you just simply need to create a page and get custom redirection on it and it's done.

This way you can simply create a  static homepage for your Blog.

As you know that the Blogspot (Blogger) bloggers do not get the chance to select from a static and non-static homepage for their blog.

By default it is a non-static homepage for blogger's blog and as the name suggests it changes frequently.